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Hadas Metlzer Elegant Design
Hadas Metlzer Design
Hadas Metlzer Design

The design synthesis is a life philosophy of a precision and flow constantly evolving and amplifying as we walk through the journey of life deepening our assimilation and elegance.

Spaces revolutionize together with human kind. We live in a fast pace world surrounded by screens, social media and lack of personal relations. This is why the environments we inhabit should bridge the gap to our desideratum. We create tangible spaces with integrity to connect to nature, to earth and to other human beings.  It is vital that our surrounding will be infused with beauty and soul.  To keep us grounded, spend our most valuable time in quality and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.


NCIDQ certified and a professional member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers),
Hadas Metzler has garnered a reputation for using clean lines and warming nuances
to cultivate both personal and commercial spaces in New York City’s elite urban atmosphere.


All Hadas Metzler’s spaces are meant to create a disarming and personal experience that enhances social interaction as well as moments of private introspection. Largely influenced by nature, Hadas emphasizes lighting variants to add contour, mood, and texture to each unique space that they nurture into bloom.

Hadas believes that truly powerful design is a delicate interplay of light, dimension, and shape that complements the intrinsic flow of each room. Rather than imposing stylized elements on a design palette she seeks to bring out the architectural qualities already present in each room’s visual plane.


With smooth stylistic approaches tinged with a hospitality-based tonality, HadasDesign’s spaces are meant to comfort and inspire, featuring subtle accents that create bolder statements upon close inspection. In a phrase, HadasDesign offers the luxury of elegantly simple design to clients with discerning tastes.

Also environmentally responsible, Hadas is committed to providing not only beautiful but also sustainable design concepts in response to today’s ecological needs. Today’s designers have great power to make a difference in the way people use and consume natural resources, and Hadas supports environmentally conscious choices for each project they bring to life.